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Verdmont Capital's independent, in-house research team is focused on the natural resources sector, providing clients with timely and actionable views on physical commodities and commodity-related investment themes. Our coverage universe includes precious metals, energy, agriculture, base metals and those companies involved in the exploration and development, extraction, production and servicing of these industries.

We are idea driven, looking for attractive themes and trading ideas where we see hidden value and recognizable catalysts. We do extensive analysis at the physical commodity level, and this commodity view directly impacts what segments of the equity market we find attractive. We provide long/short and pair trade ideas, exposing profitable opportunities regardless of what direction the market is trending.

Verdmont Capital's independence enables us to select from a wide spectrum of analysts and industry professionals with recognizable, long term track records of adding value. We have a broad range of coverage and a high degree of flexibility to shift our focus into areas that benefit from prevailing market dynamics.

We have extensive experience investing in resource related equities at various stages of development and across the value chain. As proof of our commitment, we invest in the ideas we recommend to our clients. This creates an alignment of interests and ensures that we are able to effectively trade our ideas and are there to provide a successful exit strategy.

Research Products

  • Quarterly Commodity Review. A quarterly document summarizing our view on the various commodity segments with recommended tactical weightings. The report analyses key macro drivers, evolving industry fundamentals, in addition to sentiment and technical analysis.
  • Stock Notes and Special Reports. In depth, exploratory reports meant to prove or disprove an investment thesis on a given market segment or individual stock.
  • Verdmont Resources Model Portfolio. A model portfolio with recommended weightings towards to the various commodities and underlying equities. Activity within the model portfolio is documented with updates outlining the investment rationale behind any changes.
  • Verdmont Flash Notes. Brief notes outlining substantial events that impact our view on market segments and stocks.
  • Technical Comment. Technical overview meant to assist in the identification of entry and exit points for key trades and ideas.

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