White Labeling

Verdmont Capital - White Labeling

Verdmont Capital offers a white label solution that provides qualified licensed financial firms in approved jurisdictions a comprehensive global custody and trading solution through Verdmont's sophisticated proprietary platform.

Our white label platform includes the following:

  • Global custody and asset servicing.
  • Online equity and options trading in worldwide markets.
  • Bonds, futures and derivatives trading through Verdmont's trade desk.
  • Portfolio management for brokers and financial planners.
  • Client-accessible website including white labeled statements.
  • Order contracting and commission engine.
  • A comprehensive suite of reports including required regulatory reports.
  • Workflow instructions for automating tasks such as wire transfers and security movements.

Security is a primary feature of the system. Verdmont provides equipment to securely access client information from the institution's network. All websites are SSL encrypted using the institution's own certificate.

The solution is hosted entirely within Verdmont Capital's highly redundant data centers and is available through the domain name of the licensed financial institution. From an end user's point of view, the system appears to be hosted by the institution.

Please contact Verdmont Capital for more information on our white label solution.